Friday, December 4, 2009

Nylon Party

Photo Credit: The Cobrasnake

One thing is for certain, Zac Efron is hot. So, I had to accept my invitation to the Nylon party with Zac on the cover, mostly because Nylon is one of the few magazines that actually has their covergirl or coverboy at their issue launch parties. Shocking, right?! Not really.

Highlight: Zac Efron: "Is that papparazzi??"

Page & Krizia: "Yes."

Happy Birthday, Jenny

Birthday dinner at Jones for their 5th Anniversary as well!

The birthday girl!


The girls of A Go-Go Fashion!
And Saturday night, it's time to celebrate again...for Girls Night Out!

My favorite night of the year--HALLOWEEN

Pre at Ali and Kristen's place...

Then off to Skybar! Studio 54 theme...

Who ya' gonna call--GHOSTBUSTERS!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Project Ethos

Got some tickets to experience this Project Ethos, art, fashion event. Kind of scattered but there was some amazing art there. Somehow events at the House of Blues are always kind of awkward.

Highlight -- all of the artists were there, alongside their work. Got to meet some creative minds.

Rob Thomas at the Gibson Ampitheatre

One word: Ick.

Another word: Free.

The Sounds

The Sounds at the Wiltern.
Nothing spectacular, but the girl sounded good.

And she had a hot guitarist. Always a plus.

I was part of U2's largest crowd ever

Once we finally got to our took us about an hour to get through the tunnel...

U2 was AMAZING!!

96,000 people attended the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl--the largest crowd ever at that venue. The crowd was also U2's largest ever!

Star Magazine 5th Anniversary Party

Me with some of my girls at the Star Magazine 5th Anniversary Party.

With a performance by Cobra Starship. Worse performance ever. Sorry, guys.


Sadly I can hardly post any photos from this particular Vegas trip online...but I'll pick out a few randoms to showcase this trip, as I'd hate for it to be skipped in my blog.

Pot luck!

Stephanie's Pot Luck birthday party with the girls can be described in a series of photos.

With an obvious ending--in a snuggie!