Saturday, February 20, 2010

Los Angeles' Best Fashion Secret

Picture this. You are in a giant closet, a warehouse, of unusual vintage items. Some repaired and reconstructed, some original. And, anything can be yours for a decent price. No, it's not a dream. It is Shareen Vintage.

What a better way to celebrate a birthday weekend....

The Bravery at the Wiltern

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The new me

So, I knew about this "life-changing" or as some would say "life-destroying" book Skinny Bitch for some time now, but finally decided to give it a go shortly after watching Food, Inc., the documentary about our disgusting food industry. May I add that just yesterday, the film has been nominated for best documentary for the 82nd Academy Awards.
I literally read the book in one sitting--I couldn't put it down. Coupled with the film, the two have changed my life. I am now a vegetarian (well shall I say, pescetarian who forces herself to eat fish on occasion) who eats vegan whenever available. Also, everything I buy at the grocery store is organic if possible. As you can tell I am extremely realistic. I could go through all of my diet changes as a result of my new education and how much better I look and feel, but I'll just let you read and decide for yourself what you would like to take away from it. If nothing else, educating yourself on what you put in your body is essential. How everyone has ignored that escapes me. I won't even start on the animal cruelty that thrives in America's agricultural food industry.
In short, the harshly inappropriate yet entertaining language the book contains is attention-grabbing and relentless. It is a comprehensive guide to what you put in your body, and what happened to that food along the way.
Just as everything you read or hear, do your research and take it with a grain of salt..well, not really, salt is bad for you. ;)