Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sunday Funday

Ryan and Jesse's BBQ

Azie and I went to Jesse Bradford and Ryan Philippe's party in the hills for Ryan's birthday. Fun night that ended with some swing dancing and some photos that shall never be posted.

Saturday in the Park

Corn corn corn corn corn!
Ahh...Mexican corn. Hot sauce and parmesan cheese coating heated corn. Seems a steal for $2.
Corn on Ali's corn!
Courtney and Tweety.

Macy's Glamorama

My company did Macy's Glamorama this year in downtown Los Angeles, and I must admit I was impressed with the fashion show--it showcased a realm of designers from the department store from Marc Jacobs to Madonna and Lourdes' new line Material Girl in winter fashion. Elizabeth Taylor usually opens the show, but she was not in the condition to do so this year. :( She's no Elizabeth Taylor, but Latoya Jackson filled in. She was a riot.

Performance by Macy Gray!
And on to the incredible afterparty!

Everyone loves a good hair flip!

Best Day Ever...For Real This Time

We started this glorious day off at Jeff Green's house for a producer friend's birthday. Cops came by and cut the music off, so we didn't last long at this establishment.
Lovely view tho.
On to House of Hype for the VMAs at this tycoon's home. Not a very modest house, but does it need to be?

Then back to House of Hype that night for the VMA Afterparty.

With a performance by Ne-Yo.
We intercepted a limo and attempted to get to my other party that night, Deadmau5 at the V-MODA Fortress. Unfortunately it was closed down by the time we made it, so we proceeded to the London to have our own after afterparty.

And you know when Snooki is next door, and she calls down to complain, it's a good party. ;)