Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This offends me

I am horrified by this man.

Now we have possible wife-MURDERERS on reality dating shows? This has gone too far! Exactly what is involved in these casting processes?! Ryan Jenkins' wife was found stuffed in a suitcase in a dumpster in Orange County. He is wanted for questioning and has disappeared, but is technically not a "suspect." Ha! He can currently be seen on Megan Wants a Millionaire, the offensive show where a ditsy blonde who is neither a model nor desirable is looking for a "millionaire," all of which have their supposed "net worths" posted under their names on the show as well as have some sort of social disorder or mental issue. Supposedly this guy also wins I Love Money 3, which just wrapped 4 weeks ago. This reality TV show-hopper should probably not be on another show.

TMZ reports:

Sources tell TMZ cops have spoken with a man who was involved with the murdered model -- and a text message he received the last night of her life may be the key to unlocking this mystery.Here's what multiple sources tell TMZ. The victim, Jasmine Fiore, and her husband, Ryan Jenkins (the "person of interest") were in San Diego for a poker tournament last Friday. At some point in the evening, Fiore texted Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend with whom she was involved before meeting Jenkins.We're told Jenkins not only knew of Hasman, he was upset Hasman had been communicating with his wife while Jenkins was in Mexico shooting a reality show.We're told Fiore texted Hasman on Friday night, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him. Later that same evening, we're told Hasman received another text from Fiore's phone that just said, "suck it." Police are exploring a theory that Jenkins may have seen the text Fiore sent to Hasman and then fired off the "suck it" message out of anger.

Yikes! I bet homeboy ran for the Canadian border! What are the laws about that anyway?!

Gruesome details have emerged. I'll spare you those. Jenkins is being charged for the murder and has ran for the border. CATCH HIM!!!

He is dead.

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