Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quite Possibly the Funniest Thing Ever

So my friend's friend (yes, really) took a photo of a receipt from a fish tank cleaning company that visited her office and clearly performed all kinds of life-saving (and losing) techniques. This is real, people. Read carefully.

I just don't know what's funniest.

"Moved large rock off fish #1"... I'm sorry, what?
"Moved large rock off fish #2"...oh really? Off TWO?
Oh, and what's the extra 2 centss? How exactly are these charges determined?
"CPR with air hose"......CPR ON A FISH???
And it's "NOT GOOD!!!!"
Yes, it must not have ended well, since there is no charge.

I also appreciate "Gave some fish some food to see if they would move."

Sorry fish #2. It is a sad day for you, and whomever has to pay this $885 bill for all of the fish emergency services. I just can't.

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